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About Us

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Our Philosophy & Approach

At Walk Your Talk Therapy Services, we believe the most foundational part of therapy is that of the therapeutic alliance, or relationship, with your therapist.

Our therapists are here as guides who believe you are the expert in your own life. We are simply here to help you with things such as identifying your values and beliefs and where you are in, or out of, alignment with those things, We can help you to explore your readiness for change, motivations for doing so and strategies to overcome barriers to help you get where you want to be.  We are able to roll with resistance and realize you are a sovereign being on a soul journey who has the right to choose to change their circumstances, or not, at any given time. We believe this so much, that we will never, ever tell you what to do, even if you ask. We are here to support your self-efficacy and self-agency. That being said, your therapist may challenge you on thoughts, behaviours and beliefs that are contrary to the changes that you have identified you would like to make, or the life you are striving to live.


Our therapists follow the latest research and implement the most effective techniques and approaches in our work with clients. That is what sets us apart from others. We recognize the benefits of movement and nature in processing and integrating emotional states and regulating the nervous system, and we incorporate those things into our practice in order to provide effective services.

Let us paint you a picture - recall the last time you were stuck indoors in an artificial light setting, talking with someone about a problem, or even working on something (work or personal) and feeling really heavy and weighed down. Now, think about a time when you were able to get up and move - perhaps you even went for a walking meeting with a colleague or friend, or took your pet (or just yourself) outside for a walk. Feel the difference? We can too!

Life can be stressful, therapy doesn't have to be!

Why Nature and Movement?

In a 2019 study, published in "Nature" science journal, researchers from Exeter University found that people who spend 2 or more hours in nature per week reported statistically significant improvements in health and wellbeing.

The researchers also found that the 2 hours does not have to be spent all at once. This means you could spend 20 minutes outside per day to meet that quota - so get on your walking shoes and head outside!

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca is a Registered Social Worker with 13 years of experience in working with youth, families, adults in transition, people without homes and people suffering with addictions. She spent 4 years doing neurofeedback with clients from all walks of life, from those with mental health concerns to people who just wanted to improve their performance in certain areas of life, whether achievement based, or general wellness.

Having been trained in Social Work, she views everything through a bio-psycho-social lens, and practices very holistically. Her style of therapy is humanistic, which is a very egalitarian style that views the client as the expert in their own lives and she believes everyone has the answers within them - sometimes you just need a guide to help you find those answers. Rebecca intuitively integrates many disciplines, and draws from motivational interviewing, polyvagal theory, somatic therapy, mindfulness, attachment theory, the Karpman Drama triangle, the Change Triangle (Hilary Jacobs Hendel), Humanistic and Existential therapy, Psychoanalytic and cognitive approaches (among others) – depending on the client’s goals and how they respond to the sessions.

Rebecca is currently accepting new clients, and you can book with her using the "book now" button below.

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